What Is Zenjuries?

Zenjuries is software with no learning curve for normal, everyday people.  Zenjuries is press the gas and go technology.  Zenjuries is a tool that is used to combat awful worker's compensation experiences.  Zenjuries is team communication without ever having to remember that it's your turn.  Zenjuries is instant gratification.  Zenjuries is where you can go to see real time claims costs.  Zenjuries is where the injured employee can tell everyone how their experience is coming along.  Zenjuries is lower worker's comp claims costs.  Zenjuries helps to preserve and drive down experience modification factors.  Zenjuries is a tool to help agents attract new clients.  Zenjuries is a tool to help agents retain their current clients.  Zenjuries is a tool to help business owners and managers keep their valuable employees happy.  Zenjuries is the 1st notification of injury in 4 simple clicks.  Zenjuries communicates to the injured worker EXACTLY what to expect.  Zenjuries holds professionals accountable to each other.  Zenjuries is the first real change that has ever come to worker's compensation for employers.  Zenjuries educates all parties automatically, systematically without it feeling like they're in school.  Zenjuries rights wrongs.  Zenjuries shines the light on dark paths.  Zenjuries exposes problems and solves them before they go toxic.  Zenjuries makes people feel important and sometimes even loved.  Zenjuries helps people feel more peaceful and fulfilled, especially the injured person, which is why it's named ZENjuries.

Obviously, Zenjuries does a lot.  What will Zenjuries be for your company? 

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