Slip. Fall. Zenployee!

These days of colder temperatures tend to provoke thoughts and perhaps memories of slippery conditions while working.  Employees and slippery surfaces go together like oil and water...they don't mix well at all.  With that being the case and there being thousands of injuries that happen at work each year due to slippery conditions, let's take advantage of slip and fall injuries and exploit a couple of possible scenarios and their potential different outcomes.  

In today's old traditional world of worker's compensation injury management, the injured employee tends to become lost in the sea of systems, protocols, and loss ratios as they are handed over to "the system".  In and of themselves, systems, protocols, and loss ratios are not inherently bad.  What is inherently bad is the typical result of this old way of doing things which is lost, frustrated and scared injured employees.  By the way, the bosses aren't all that thrilled either in most cases.  These old broken ways of attempting to care for an injured employees in this manner are over...if you choose the new better way.  A better way that leads to Zenployees.  

What are Zenployees?  Zenployees are those that are injured at work and thrust to the center of attention and never allowed out of the predetermined circle of trust and care.  Imagine that, the center of trust and care verses frustrated and scared.  By the way, guess whose systematically "always in the loop" in this aforementioned team, the bosses.  It's technology at it's best, making everyone's life easier and less complicated.  Zenployees are the beneficiaries of constant attention and care that literally is as easy as pushing buttons.  Zenployees are systematically nursed back to mental and physical health by the people that they care about the most, not insurance company appointed strangers.  Zenployees return to work with a renewed and fresh appreciation of their workplace and their coworkers.  Imagine that, appreciation, affection, and dare I say loyalty from Zenployees as they re-enter the workplace.  It almost sounds too good to be true, except it's not.  Come and see for yourselves, experience the Zenjuries phenomenon.  In today's work comp world, you can be the boss of a very grateful Zenployee or worst case be the defendant.  There actually is a choice and now it belongs to you.  ** GONG **


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