Ponder: To Think About Carefully

When is the last time you deliberately pondered something?  Today is a great day to give it another go!  Try this, quiet your thoughts and clear your mind so you are able to ponder this question: Why do the words "Worker's Compensation" usually produce bad feelings?  Have you ever wondered where these bad feelings come from?  Have you ever considered why those words produce bad feelings?  I'm sure that there are many supposed reasons that one might come up with, that in their opinion might be good reasons for that.  Some of those reasons may be valid and some just might be S.W.A.G.S. that seem to be logical.  Whatever the reasons are, I'd like to propose something new.

What if Worker's Compensation is actually a good thing?  What if Worker's Compensation actually takes a really unfortunate situation and swoops in to protect and heal those affected?  What if an employer is appreciated by his employees for religiously writing checks for Worker's Compensation insurance every month despite whether or not any of his employees have ever been injured because he knows what a benefit it is?  And then this biggie, what if the insurance companies actually gave a rip about the injured person and restoring them financially and physically as quickly as possible versus seeing them as factors in a predictive model equation?  Is this even possible?  Could it be?

Well, for sure, that is what is supposed to happen in a perfect world.  As I stated in a previous post, it's the great compromise.  The question now becomes, can you attain, not only the "good" Worker's Compensation scenario, but also the best one possible?  The answer: yes...and no.  Yes, it's possible to those employers and insurance reps that deliberately begin with the end in mind.  It is totally possible to build a team of professionals that communicate and nurture an injured employee from the beginning to the end of a claim without lapses.  It's possible to stay in constant contact and communication with the injured person to make 100% sure that they are feeling the love and guidance necessary.  It's possible to have this instantly at the touch of buttons.  It's possible to keep injury costs from being overinflated.  It's possible to keep vulturistic attorneys out of the equation and away from your employee.   It's possible because of Zenjuries.

Now at the same time, no, it's also not possible...the way the system works today.  For employers, employees, agents, and adjusters in today's traditional workers compensation system, it is not possible to achieve the love.  Why?  There are good intentions but too many independently moving parts in today's world.  The adjuster is busy working on a "case load" of more than 100+ injuries at any one time.  The agent is busy selling other insurance policies to other clients in order to pay the bills.  The employer struggles with what the "rules of the game" really are once the employee is injured and an injury case is officially filed.  The employer provides the information to the insurance powers that be, but then the employer is pulled back to the normal pressing duties that come with running his business.  Not to mention that his company is now a "man down" and it's up to management to figure out how to fill the immediate void.  You see, without the help of technology that strategically aligns all of these moving parts the entire way through an injury, the words "Worker's Compensation" will continue to produce bad feelings.  

The only question remaining now is how do you want to feel about the words "Worker's Compensation"?  Zenjuries gives you the choice!






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