Magic Wand!

One of my favorite questions of all time is this: "If you had a magic wand and could wave it and change outcomes for the better, what would you do?"  Ah, the old magic wand question, if only we all had one, right?  Well, for the sake of this post, let's pretend I have given you a magic wand that works on workplace injuries (but it cannot prevent them...for all you ultimate short-cutters out here reading).  If you were going to have the perfect outcome to an injury that one of your employees sustained, what would that be?  Perhaps it's best to begin with the end in mind.  The perfect ending would be to return your employee back to work healthy, healed, and happy, correct?  I think that's a pretty common desire and probably the best case scenario.  If you were to use the magic wand to get to this ending without having to go through the treacherous middle, that indeed would be magical.  Then you could wave it a few times and shower all of your employees with incredible work ethics that produces extraordinary bottom line growth and riches for your wonderful company!  Ah yes, magic wands, they really are cool.  But, you don't have one and I'm not giving you mine.

What I will give you is a path to get to this dreamland we just visited.  It is going to come as no surprise that this path begins and ends with Zenjuries as your guide.  Knowledge, time, resources, teammates, and the ability to deploy all of these at the right space and time is critical to ensure that injuries have the outcome that everyone desires.  Here's the problem with this if we're being honest with each other, 99% of all businesses in the world do not have the knowledge, time, resources, teammates or ability to handle workplace injuries perfectly ever single time.  To further expound on this problem, if you're not ready to handle it perfectly every time, then you are truly a sitting duck in the ripe field of attorney involvement.  Attorneys usually are invited to the dance when the people at the heart of the matter are at their wits end.  They're usually feeling afraid, alone, outcast, unimportant, and neglected al due to poor (or nonexistent) communication and expectations.

You see magic wands don't exist (for you), but technology does and it's getting pretty close to magical in some respects.  Zenjuries is one of these respects.  We are the vehicle that safely delivers your employee and your business from one side of the injury all the way to the end.  It's not magical at all, it's just hard work that has been simplified for the masses to use and enjoy.  If you can push buttons, you can use Zenjuries and feel like you are finally waving that magic wand you've always longed for.  

So, if you truly want to give yourselves the chance for perfect outcomes that produce healthy, healed and happy employees returning back to work, then you better be using Zenjuries.  It might not be real magic, but it darn sure feels that way!


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