I'm All Heart!!

As Valentines Day sneaks ever so close, it gives me a wonderful feeling.  Why, you ask?  Simple, I love hearts and Valentines Day is all about hearts!  It's that easy, I love hearts.  I'm especially in love with happy hearts, preferably green and floating.  Hearts are so cool, are they not?  They are our own personal living engines that power our flesh and blood machines all day, every day, nonstop.  But isn't there more to hearts than just having one?  Of course there's more...lots, lots more.  

Heart as a noun: 

-  the region of the chest above the heart

-  the center of a person's thoughts and emotions, especially love or compassion

-  one's mood or feeling

-  courage or enthusiasm

-  the central or innermost part of something

-  the vital part or essence


Heart as a verb:

-  to like very much

-  to love

Hearts are vital.  They certainly matter and dare I say, they matter the most in all things.  Which is why Zenjuries loves to love those that need it the most and at their most critical times.  Zenjuries thrives on keeping hearts at the center of attention and then protecting them.  Knowing that workers compensation is a messy quagmire of rules and laws means that we should work very hard making sure that we do NOT turn off our greatest asset by handing over those that need us the most to a complicated and heartless system.  Injured people need heart!  They need heart from those they know and see on a daily basis, not a stranger from some insurance company's home office.  They prefer to be informed by their bosses and coworkers rather than the law offices of Dolittle and Billem.  Never underestimate or take for granted just how important it is for each and every one of us to use our hearts.  It is the power that makes the greatest difference in all of our lives.

 So, as I bask in the glory of this holiday filled with hearts, please join me by taking some time out of your busy schedules and open up your greatest gift to those around you.  Who knows, you may be surprised to find out that the bigger you open your heart, the fuller it tends to get!




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