Are Employees Your Children?

Today, let's take a minute and enter the meditation zone in our mental Zen gardens and reflect.  As you step into your mental Zen garden, find yourself a nice comfy spot amongst the evenly raked sand lines and smooth rock formations to cross your legs and close your eyes as you slowly shut out the loud chatter of the world around you.  Now, as the wind chimes rustle lightly in the background and the melody of the chime bowls softly fills the air around you, let's begin.

Employees are the life blood of any company.  If you don't agree, send half of your employees home for one week and see what happens to your business.  Knowing the importance that employees have in all companies, protecting them has got to be one of the most important functions that an owner has.  For this reflection time, let's go so far as to imagine that your employees are actually your children for the sake of dramatic over emphasis.  If one of your children were to become injured, how involved would you be during the process of finding and administering proper care?  How important would it be to you personally to ensure that your child was not only relieved of their pain and suffering, but also restored back to their full formal functionality as quickly and painlessly as possible?  For most parents, the answer is a swift and emphatic: VERY IMPORTANT!  

Please indulge me by pondering these next questions for no less than two seconds each:

  • Would you want your child to experience physical suffering even though you could prevent it with expedient and proper care? 
  • Would you want your child to feel the emotions of fear and frustration because they eventually feel like you don't care enough about them to help?
  • Would you want your child to feel the emotions of being an outcast during their injury, treatment, and hopeful recovery?
  • Would you want your child to draw the conclusion that you have more important things on your daily activity list than tending to their needs?
  • Would you want to permanently damage your relationship with your child through a perceived lack of care (and dare I say LOVE)?

The answers to these easy questions are emphatically, NO!  Of course you would provide great care in every situation above for your injured child.  But what about your injured employees?  Now there is a question worth pondering.  Most businesses agree on the importance of their employees and go to great measures to provide safe working environments and conditions for each and every one of them.  However, jobs have risks and accidents still happen.  The question of the day is, "what then?"  This is the great disconnect for businesses across this great land.  When the safety precautions fail and an employee is injured while working, knowing what to do, when to do it, how to do it, etc. is a complicated mess.  It's easy to convince business owners to take time and precautions to prevent would be injuries on the job.  Businesses believe in safety as a whole.  However, when an injury does happen, it is like watching a turtle withdraw into his shell until the perceived danger passes.  

If I may be so bold, Zenjuries was created to bridge this great disconnect.  It is the missing and critical link for injuries.  The care that is so needed by employees and the attention that is so needed to be given by the employer is literally at your finger tips.  For those that choose Zenjuries, it is as easy as touching a button for that needed care to become automatic and systematic.  Touch the button, start the care, and come out of your turtle shells so you can experience the pleasure of the Zenjuries difference.  **GONG** (time to get out of your mental Zen garden and get to work setting up your Zenjuries Team) **GONG**


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