...and a happy new year!!!

As we reflect on the year in review, let us all pause and take time to think about those that have been injured while working.  Why them?  It's because starving attorneys are thinking about them right now as well.  You see, starving attorneys like to eat lobster bisque, not bologna sandwiches.  To be able to afford their lobster bisque, they need money and a fair amount of it.  Starving attorneys don't build and sell any kind of product to generate their income.  Instead they represent people in lawsuits for their money.  Think of it like this, starving attorneys are a lot like dirty water crawling downhill looking for the path of least resistance.  In the case of your injured worker, attorneys see them as their path of least resistance and their easiest way to get paid.  YOUR injured worker that might not know what to do, when to do, how to do, or for how long to do, and so on.  YOUR injured worker who would appreciate some love and attention.  YOUR injured worker that might feel like they are in the dark and all alone.  If you don't do something to prevent the feeding frenzy that inevitably occurs when starving attorneys meet injured workers, then may shame come upon you!  Don't let shame come upon you.  Don't let your injured worker feel alone and in the dark.  Don't let the path of least resistance be right through the heart of your injured worker.  Zenjuries is designed to protect the heart of those that have been injured while on the job.  Use the force, I mean Zenjuries.  Feel the power of the light side, the right side.  Let's make these starving attorneys feast on bologna sandwiches all across this great land and ring in the best work comp year ever recorded in 2016!  

Peace & Prosperity to you all (except starving attorneys) 

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